The Home Invasion Show started out as a dream Livin' Large & Poetic Elements (Masai & Apollo) had back in their High School days & now that dream has been a reality. Home Invasion, named after Ice-T's 5th album, was launched in August 23rd 2013 by Livin' Large & Poetic Elements joined later on. 

Home Invasion is an Urban station playing Hip-Hop, Funk/Soul, R&B & Chicano (Mexican/California) Hip-Hop with a little bit of Reggae, Disco & New Jack Swing in the mix & is home of EXCLUSIVE tracks heard first before anywhere else in Canada. What separates Home Invasion from other Canadian Hip-Hop radio shows is each brand of music is tailored after the hosts' likes. Livin' Large loves the Classic West Coast G-Funk California sound whereas Masai is into New School Chicago/California/Dirty South & Apollo represents Underground Hip-Hop so you get exposed to a variety of different Raps & music in general. 

Home Invasion is the only show dedicated to having Artist's/Producer's newest project spotlighted from top to bottom from the first track to the last track with no pauses, breaks or interruptions in between & exposes the listeners to the album as the artist/producer intended it. Home Invasion also has different show segments like Smash or Grab - the hosts review a new movie, TV show, product, etc. & let the listeners know how they felt about it & if they Smash (Negative) or Grab (Positive) it. 

When it comes to the talks, nothing is off limits & the hosts' champion themselves for keeping the show 100% pure uncut Sucka Free when it comes to the music & Real Talk Radio. Home Invasion takes caller requests & accept music submissions too & encourage the listeners to interact with them through social media during & after the show.      

Home Invasion invades your homes cars & phones every Wednesday Nights at 2:00 AM (EST) on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa, Canada or catch it live online. Home Invasion Show - the ONLY show that's out on a furlough & we ain't never going back